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Tompi Jones

"Tompi Jones" is a fun old style platform game in 2.5D where you will help Tompi across six worlds: the Aztec Pyramid, the Enchanted Forest, the Kingdom of Arkan, the Mysterious Jungle, the Dark Cemetery and the Fortress of Edom.

Tompi can walk, jump, roll on the ground, he can plan with the propeller he has in his hat, throw many types of projectile weapons, defend himself with a shield, fight with a sword, use a jetpack, climb the lianas, cling to ceilings, climb walls and jump between walls.

He can also use special items as stop the time, become invisible, super speed, enhance his projectile weapons or use the invulnerability.

Collect all the secret pieces and coins scattered throughout the levels to improve your skills, and to buy and improve your weapons and special items.

The game has an Online World Ranking. If you get enough coins you will be in the top 50!.

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By Desura

SYSTEM REQUERIMENTS: PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Hardware acelerated video card, DirectX 7 or higher, 2Gb Ram and Internet  connection.

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