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June 21, 2019 on Steam Early Access



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$ 14.99


Triton Survival is a sci-fi survival game with an intense action, focused on surviving, crafting, gathering resources, building base and beat attacks of enemy hordes from the Neptune planetary system.

  • Explore: travel through unknown planets. Obtain energy to charge the Triton Portal and travel to Neptune's satellites.
  • Survive: get enough supplies of food, drink, an oxygen. Protect yourself from radiation, temperature, meteorites, creatures and all hostile conditions of Triton.
  • Fight: protect the portal from massive enemy waves. Equip yourself with different weapons and ammo. Develop your strategy: place turrets, mines and other defensive elements to defend your base.
  • Build: base building, anywhere, on any place. Gather resources from the surface of planets and underground mining. Craft structures: create your base, repair and upgrade it.

  • Story

    Year 2114... The Earth has been invaded!
    An alien civilization has built a network of Portals in the planetary system of Neptune that allows entry to the Earth by creating black holes in the atmosphere of our planet.
    You have been sent to the main satellite of Neptune: Triton.
    Your mission there will be to protect the Interplanetary Portal and prevent the invasion of new alien troops as well as destroy the network of Portals of the rest of Neptune's satellites.
    You are the only hope for our planet Earth!


    • Survival system (health, shield, hunger and thirst, oxygen, temperature, radiation…)
    • Crafting system (including decomposition and combination of chemical elements to create resources).
    • Location and gathering of resources on the surface of the planet (wood, stone, minerals, gasing substances...).
    • Mining of underground resources by means of mechanical extractors.
    • Farming system (harvest vegetables and trees).
    • Flora and fauna.
    • A variety of weapons (blasters, grenades, ammo, turrets...).
    • Game modes: Survival (for now solo player mode).
    • Character skills tree through experience levels.
    • Building system with destructible and repairable parts, to construct a base around the interstellar Portal.
    • Survive waves of attacks of alien enemy hordes.
    • Day and night cycle with weather and cloud system.
    • Energy generators system (powered by resources such as carbon, fuel, hydrogen, radioactive elements, sunlight ...) to provide electricity to elements that need it (automatic turrets, lighting, teleporters, electromagnetic defensive systems, proximity sensors ...).
    • Wiring system for connection of generators with devices that need energy resources.
    • Transport drones (especially for heavy resources) with satellite guidance system.
    • Vehicle with inventory system (transport of objects, ammunition, energy, fuel, light system, vehicle improvements ...).
    • Teleporter network to travel to inaccessible places on foot or with your vehicle.
    • Hostile elements on planets: radioactive clouds, falling meteorites, toxic water, unknown creatures ...
    • Loot boxes scattered across different locations. Inside you will find food, resources, ammunition ...
    • Two planets to travel: Larisa and Proteo
    • Enemies on land, sea and air.
    • Basic tutorial quest.


    Triton Survival - Alpha 4 YouTube

    Triton Survival - Alpha 3 YouTube

    Triton Survival - Alpha 2 YouTube


    download all screenshots & photos as .zip (9MB)
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    Monetization Permission

    DreamsSoftGames allows for the contents of Triton Survival to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Triton Survival is legally & explicitly allowed by DreamsSoftGames. This permission can be found in writing at http://www.dreamssoftgames.com/press/sheet.php?p=triton_survival.

    About DreamsSoftGames

    DreamsSoftGames is an indie video game studio founded by Luis de la Cruz, a game solo developer.
    Luis founded DreamsSoftGames in 2000. It's located in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain.
    DreamsSoftGames develops games for PC.
    The released games on Steam are: Triton Survival, Shopping Tycoon, Piggy Princess, Match 3 Revolution, Arkhelom 3D, Tompi Jones and Breakout Invaders.

    More information
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    Team of Triton Survival

    Luis de la Cruz
    Solo Game developer, DreamsSoftGames founder