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Bundle 1

Include three exclusive games:

- "Tompi Jones", a fun platform game where you will help Tompi to complete over 20 game levels in six different worlds.

- "Arkhelom 3D", a 3d shmup with insane action that combines horizontal, vertical and side-scrolling levels, + 70 enemies types and final bosses across 23 amazing levels.

- "Breakout Invaders", a fun fusion between two classic game genres: "Breakout" and "Space Invaders" in 3 dimensions.



Tompi Jones

an old style platform game

in 2.5 dimensions

Arkhelom 3D

a 3D shoot’em up

with insane action

Breakout Invaders

a fussion between Breakout

and Space Invaders

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Pay What You Want

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Pay What You Want

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