Design, create and manage your shopping mall.Make it a lucrative business.

Create your mall center from scratch to make it a great skyscraper. Change the design of floors and walls and decorate it in multiple ways. And don't forget to put up enough lighting and toilets.

Attractive designs. Infinite combinations.

Unlock exclusive products from the best brands and display them on your shelves. The possibilities to customize your mall center are enormous.

Reorganize the content of your mall center over and over again.

Manage and expand the transport system!Get many people visit your mall.

Manage and expand the transport (bus, metro and taxis) so that more people come to buy your products.

Design, create and manage your mall!

Clothing, footwear, jewelry, technology, pets, restaurants and much more...

Make happy your customers!

Hire staff to work in your mall and meet the needs of your customers with toilets, restaurants and other services.

Celebrity guest stars!

Get celebs visiting your mall. Upgrade it to satisfy trademark investors and building inspectors.